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Super Easy DIY Jungle Corner

We switched Leo into a new room about 2 months ago (she still sleeps on the floor every night, by the way. Hasn't slept in her bed once). Her room was cute, but I felt like it wasn't quite as fun as I wanted it to be for her. She's super into the jungle and animals and playing pretend right now, so I wanted to incorporate something that would encourage her imagination. There's a cute little nook in the back of her room so I thought it would be the perfect space for a jungle corner!

I also wanted to make sure I didn't do anything permanent because she changes her obsessions fairly frequently. So I decided to go with some peel and stick wallpaper that's easy to remove. I have a love/hate relationship with peel and stick wallpaper. This is the third time I've used it and I've learned a lot. Turns out, it's WAY easier to only do a small section and to not care if the pattern lines match up haha

It also helps when you have a super adorable helper!

I wanted to add a few things to make a cool 3D effect so she really felt like she was "in" the jungle. So I decided to make a few trees!

We had these extra pool noodles sitting around (but you can get them for $1 at the Dollar Tree!) so I thought they'd make perfect trees. I spray painted them brown but I didn't love how it was turning out, plus I wanted some extra texture.

I have a huge roll of brown kraft paper so I thought I'd try that! I started by cutting strips of paper and then cutting some fringe in the paper to look sort of like a palm trunk.

Then I used hot glue to attach the strips of paper to the noodles. You basically just work your way up at an angle and overlap the lines slightly so everything is covered! I did that to both noodles and was really pleased with how they turned out!

I used my Cricut to cut out leaves from green yardstick, but you could totally do that by hand, too! I used a number of different shades of green to give it a fun effect. Then I used hot glue to attach the leaves to the top of the tree trunks.

The next step was attaching the trees to the wall. I wasn't sure the best way to do it, I wanted them to be sturdy-is because I knew Leo would play with them and tug on them, but I also wanted them to be removable if necessary. I ended up deciding on hooks and zip ties. I screwed some hooks into the wall and then attached the tree to the hook with a zip tie. Super easy and easy to remove if needed.

Here's how it looked after the trees were added.

I wanted a little something extra, so I got these fake vines on Amazon for like, $7! I added a few on the sides and behind the trees to give it some more depth.

And that's it!! A super easy (and easy to remove) fun, simple little jungle corner for Leo's room. She really loves it and insists we put her sloth in the tree every night. It's been such a fun addition to her room!

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