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DIY Closet Makeover

Our closet makeover has been a long time in the making. The closet has been a bit of a mess ever since we moved in. The drywall was missing in a bunch of places and instead of drywall some areas were just covered in styrofoam. Weird, right!? So we knew we wanted to re-do it at some point.

But when we found out we were pregnant with baby #2 we knew we had to get started on the closet. All of Ben's clothes were in new baby's future closet, so we had to start moving his stuff into my closet to get baby's room ready.

The only problem is that my stuff took up the ENTIRE closet, so we had to reconfigure a bit in order to fit both our stuff in there!

Here's what we were starting with:

Step 1: Drywall & Carpet

I was going to attempt to drywall this myself, but it was such a mess already I was really afraid I was going to make it worse instead of better. So we hired a local drywall guy and he did an AMAZING job! If you need a drywall guy let me know and I'll hook you up!

This is what our drywall looked like when we started.

And after our amazing drywall guy finished and carpeting was installed:

Step 2: Installing the Closet Bits

I'm not going to go into detail here because 1) I didn't take any pictures so trying to just explain it would be confusing and 2) every closet is different so what we did probably wouldn't help anyone else out a ton! But I will give you a nutshell explanation in case anyone's interested.

I started with these two Ikea dressers I got and put together. Next I cut the divider pieces that hold the clothes racks. This was tricky because I had to cut them at the exact angle of the sloped ceiling.

After they were cut I screwed them into the sides of the dressers and into some bolsters I screwed into the ceiling.

I installed the closet rods and that was it! Really pretty simple!

Step 3: Extras

There is an attic storage space behind the closet with a little access door on the wall, so I wanted to make a way to cover it nicely but also keep it easy to get to. So I made a little sliding door for the space.

I also wanted a better way to organize my jewelry and I realized I had a perfect place already built in! I added some hooks to the wooden divider things and it worked perfectly!

We also needed a place to keep our shoes, but the space is super narrow so it had to be something that would be up against the wall. I saw something similar to this on Pinterest and thought it was a great idea, so I made a bunch of these wall shoe racks! Here's a more detailed post about the shoe racks.

All of this took a few months to complete, but it was so worth it! All my and Ben's clothes fit, everything is organized and has a place. It's really awesome and I love going in my closet now!

Here's the finished product!

Here's a quick video tour since it's hard to get the whole thing in a picture!

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