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Super Easy DIY Play Room Corner Tent or Reading Corner

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Level: Super Easy

Time: 15 minutes

Materials: Curved shower rod, curtains, whatever accessories/pillows you want to use!

So I'm starting this new DIY blog with a super cute and ridiculously easy project: a corner tent!

I did this one for our play room, but let's be honest, you can do this in your bedroom, living room, office. It's like your very own secret fort. Kids or no kids, I think every house needs a fun corner tent.

Extra bonus: if you use a tension rod, this can be a moveable tent! You can be a traveling tented nomad in your very own home.

To start, you'll need to get a curved shower rod. I bought this one that let us hang it by tension (like a regular shower curtain) or with screws (which we opted for because Leo pulls EVERYTHING down right now).

If you use the tension mount option you can move your corner tent from room to room depending on your mood. Because some days maybe you need a tent in your kitchen. You do you.

You'll also need to decide what kind of curtains you want to use. For me, I liked the light airy look so we got some curtains similar to these but if you want more privacy or color, you can always get some thicker ones.

Pro tip #1: there are TONS of awesome curtains at WalMart, Ross, TJMaxx and Marshalls for super cheap. Always worth checking out if you want to save some money.


Decide where you want your tent. How high you make it will depend on how long your curtains are. I bought 84 inch curtains because I wanted the tent to go as high as we could and 84 inch curtains were the longest ones they had when I went shopping and I was too lazy to try to find longer ones. So 84 inches it is!

Pro tip #2: Put your curtains on BEFORE you hang the rod. I forgot to do this and had to take the rod down, put the curtains on, then put the rod back up. It was very annoying. Learn from my mistakes.


You may need a buddy for this step depending on the type of shower rod you're using. The rod we used needed someone to hold it on one end while I tightened it on the other, so I needed an extra pair of hands. But yours may not be like that. If you're opting to screw it in the wall I would definitely suggest an extra pair of hands to hold it in place while you drill in the screws.

I eyeballed it to make sure it was even, but I didn't measure it or use a level because that seems like too much work. And I'm not here for that.

We opted to screw the rod into the wall, but this rod also had a tension mount option you could use!


Add whatever fun accessories you want! I bought this wreath for 50% off at Hobby Lobby, but something like this would work perfectly too (plus it's only $15)! I used a piece of twine I had laying around and just tied the wreath to the middle where the curtains meet.

Inside the tent I used a bunch of throw pillows we weren't currently using. If you don't have any extra pillows hanging around (and don't want to spend $100 on throw pillows for a play room) you can always buy some cheap pillow covers (these are $12 for 4 and they have super fun designs) and fill them with stuffing like this that you can buy at WalMart, Amazon, or any craft store.

How great are these pillows!?

So that's it!! It's ridiculously easy but looks super cute once it's done. A great addition to any play room or living room or any room that needs a fun new fort.

If you decide to do this project, let me know how it goes! And let me know what mistakes you made. Project fails and struggles are one of my favorite things! In fact, I love them so much that I'm going to share how I failed and the imperfections of each project I do.

This project's imperfections: I forgot to put the curtain on first before I hung it up. The silver feet of the rod stand out more than I'd like and the silver kind of clashes with the gold polka dots on the curtains.

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