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DIY for Everyone!

I'm re-branding the blog! And I'm super excited about it.

If you follow me on social media you've probably seen me post pictures of projects I do from time to time. Sometimes they're art type projects, sometimes woodworking projects, sometimes design projects. I just really love to make things.

When I post pictures of my projects a lot of people tend to say "I could never do that!" or "I wouldn't even know where to start!"

And I really hate hearing that because here's the thing, you totally can! It's doesn't have to be that hard.

And I don't mean that in an annoying "Quit whining it's not hard," type of way. I mean it more like, "It looks way harder than it is, you can totally do this" kind of way.

I want to dispel the myth that DIY projects like these are only for people who "know what they're doing" because, spoiler alert, I have no idea what I'm doing 98% of the time.

The secret to successfully doing projects like this? Imperfection.

Lots of my projects start as failures. The ones that wind up on Instagram don't always show the uneven paint jobs or the splintered wood or the ridiculous amount of nail holes. And that's ok!

Looks good, right? The spray paint isn't even and there were tons of scratches!

The point of making and creating and DIYing isn't perfection, the goal is to push yourself, learn new skills, make things you can be proud of, things that make you smile when you see them in your living room.

So that's the focus of this re-branded blog: DIY for everyone. I want to share projects I've done and that I'm currently doing and show you how you can do them, too!

You don't have to be a professional or "know what you're doing," anyone who wants to create can create! I'll just help get you started.

Here's a great, easy first project for anyone! Corner Play Room Tent

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