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A List of Thoughts from my Sixth Month of Motherhood

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

A list of thoughts from my sixth month of being a mother.

I got mastitis this month. It was the worst. I am very thankful for drugs. I wonder what people did hundreds of years ago before antibiotics. I'm pretty sure I would've died about 500 times in my life without modern medicine. Drugs are nice.

Moving with a baby is hard. Unpacking with a baby is way harder.

I realized this month how cool it is that I get to be Leo's mom. The mom is the one you want when you're tired or sick or sad, the mom is the epitome of comfort. And I get to be that for Leo. She'll never have another one. I'm the mom. Getting to be the mom is really special.

I still really hate spit up, but she's stopped spitting up quite as much as she used to so that makes me happy. Edit: I typed this 10 minutes before she spit up all over me and herself.

I had to change her sheets in the middle of the night for the first time. I told her it was very rude of her to save her diaper explosions for 1 a.m. She laughed. She may be a sociopath. Jury's still out.

Our new house has full upper body mirrors in all the bathrooms. This means I can see my still-6-month pregnant looking belly every time I walk in a bathroom. This is not a welcome development. I really enjoyed pretending it wasn't there when I couldn't see it all the time.

Leo has really started to love the dogs and the dogs have really started to love her and it's super fun to watch. She goes at them face first with both hands out. She laughs hysterically when she sees them. It's like my two favorite groups of friends are finally meeting and it turns out they love each other more than they love me.

I watched a Lorena Bobbit documentary last week. I'll just say this, if anyone ever abuses Leo like that I hope she does the same thing Lorena did. I'll be super proud and I'll hide the knife for her.

I had my first bout of "Oh no is my baby behind!?" panic. Apparently lots of babies are sitting up by 6 months. Leo's not even close. I freaked out for a second but then I realized that it doesn't matter and she's perfectly fine and I stopped caring.

I've found out I don't know the words to as many songs as I thought I did. I discovered that while singing Leo half-verses of 5 different songs. I knew enough words from 5 songs to make one full song.

I'm very grateful for Ben and our families and people that take such good care of Leo when I'm not around. It's nice to know that I can be away from her and feel super confident she's being loved.

Leo's fun and I like her. She has a good sense of humor. I can't wait for her to say words. I bet they'll be funny.

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