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When the Winners are Losers

So, I (obviously) have a lot of thoughts and feelings about this election. But please, let me make one more plea to those of you considering voting for Trump. If you want to vote for a conservative because of the Supreme Court, economic issues, abortion, that's fine! I get it! Vote for Evan McMullin. He's an awesome choice for all those things. Or Gary Johnson. Or write in Jesus. I've heard a lot of people say, "But a third party candidate will never win. It's a wasted vote." Here's my question: Since when did we start making our decisions based on who's going to win? Since when is that an acceptable way to make a choice? Would you ever teach a kid to take the side of a bully over a victim because it was clear the bully was going to win? Would you switch sides during a war because you thought your side might lose? Would you ever switch teams halfway through a football game because you thought the other team would win? What would you say if your kid did that? When have we ever been a people that took the side of the loud, aggressive bully just because we thought he would win and we didn't want to be on the losing side because we were afraid of what would happen? Is that us? We are AMERICA! We're supposed to fight for the underdog, the little guy, for the good guys.

THIS should be us! Let's do more of this!

Friends, please, STAND UP! Be brave!! By all means, vote for what you believe in, but vote for a person who genuinely stands for those things, who you believe will be a good leader, who you can confidently put your stamp of approval on. Would you let Donald Trump teach your kids? Run your church? Be alone in a room with your wife? My guess is no- but we're still willing to let him run the entire country? It's fear and fear alone that's driving his campaign. I know you're afraid that voting for a 3rd party means a Hillary presidency. I understand that. And you might be right. But God is in control, He is sovereign no matter who is president. But your conscience is yours and yours alone to bear. Do we want our kids to know that we compromised our values and our morals because we thought we would win? What does that teach them? That winning is more important than standing up for what's right? That's not us. That's not who we are and that's not who we have ever been. So please, I am begging you, for the sake of your children and my children and their children, be courageous, stand up for a person you can believe in. Don't let fear take hold. Make your decision based on what you actually believe, what you actually stand for, not what you're afraid of.

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